From Sun-Grown to Sunstone

Introducing Sunstone Cannabis. Made from single-origin cannabis, sun-grown in Santa Barbara County.

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Sunstone cannabis-infused products celebrates the plant and each ingredient. Our cannabis rosin is delicately extracted using only ice water agitation and a heat press. Each batch traces back to an exact strain from a single farm in Santa Barbara County.


Fast Acting

The InfusedbySplash™ fast acting technology that allows for quick absorption in the bloodstream.

All Natural

Each flavor is expertly crafted using all natural ingredients, made with premium rosin.

Premium rosin

A type of high-quality cannabis concentrate that is made from locally sourced cannabis.

Award-Winning flavor

Exceptional taste, aroma, and overall sensory experience.

Sunstone Spritz

A cannabis-infused beverage made ready-to-drink with sparkling water, natural juice flavors, and single-origin, full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis rosin from Santa Barbara County.

100% All Natural Ingredients


THC per serving




per serving



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Sunstone Splash

The Sunstone Splash™ cannabis-infused drink additive is a water-soluble, full-spectrum rosin-based emulsion that can be added to any beverage for an enhanced experience.

Each vial contains:
(5 Vials per pack)


THC per serving




per serving



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The Sunstone Cannabis Club™

Join the Sunstone Cannabis Club™ and enjoy 20% off all Sunstone Cannabis products, and receive access to member’s only pick-up parties and events.

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Weed drinks have gotten so much better. Here are 5 worth trying

Learn more about the dosage, ingredients, and effects of our products, as well as what goes into our products and how to consume our products safely.


Learn more about the dosage, ingredients, and effects of our products, as well as what goes into our products and how to consume our products safely.


"I am so happy to have finally found a cannabis drink that actually tastes delicious and makes me feel good. I used to love having a glass of wine with my husband after work, but as I get older wine affects my sleep a bit more. Cannabis infused drinks have been my go-to but so many of them have a funny taste or are far too sweet. The Sunstone Spritz seems to have found the perfect balance of subtle flavor without going overboard. I love all four of Sunstone’s flavors, but the pineapple coconut was my favorite."- Kirsten Stuart, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

"I don’t really drink anymore so the sunstone spritz has replaced my nightly wine and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a relaxing buzz and no hangover. Watermelon is my go-to flavor" - Talia Helvey, Sister B Studios

"I’m really in love with Sunstone Cannabis Spritz, and the new Splash which I love to add to my afternoon tea before dinner. I love wine but alcohol in general gives me a buzzy out of control feeling, dehydration the next morning, and bags under my eye. THC does none of those things! I never wake up feeling hung over nor do I feel out of control in any way when I drink a Spritz! It’s a mild, beautiful, glowy kind of feeling that takes the hard edges off a busy day or allows me to free my mind to the positives of life. "- Theo Stephan, Global Gardens

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